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About Pack 52

Our Program:  Pack 52 is not a one-dimensional organization. Some boys enjoy camping, others like earning achievements. Some boys like making Pinewood Derby Cars, others enjoy outings and sports. And of course, some of our cubs want to do it all! The scouting year for Pack 52 mirrors the school year (September – May) with a few optional activities during June-August.  The Pack meets as a full group once a month. Typically we meet on the fourth Monday of the Month at 7:00pm at Keeley Elementary School located at 8700 Liberty Grove Rd, Rowlett, TX 75089. Dens meet usually the fist, second and third Mondays of the month, sometimes at Keeley Elementary but occasionally at a cub’s home or at an outing location.  Den meetings are scheduled by the den leadership in coordination with the parents. Typically, when the Pack has a big outing or event, the event replaces the monthly Pack meeting. We are aware that your son’s have lots of things drawing their attention and we don’t want scouting to preclude their other activities. Special Events: Throughout the year, some special events take place and more information will follow. In summary they typically include:

  • Fall Campout
  • Pinewood Derby (a one day event but the boys make their own racing cars with their Akela)
  • Spring Campout
  • Blue and Gold Dinner Awards dinner at the end of the scouting year.
  • Crossover Ceremony

Events are scheduled with the input of parents so if you have a particular interest, you can help the pack get your son engaged in fun activities that are not in this short list. Price, Fundraising and Money Money should not be an impediment to enjoying scouting. We make an effort to keep fees low and underwrite event costs whenever possible. To make this possible, we have one fundraiser per year… SELLING POPCORN.  The good/news is that the Boy Scout Council has the annual scout popcorn drive in the September-October timeframe. This means new scouts are immediately asked to sell popcorn. We encourage every scout to participate. Some boys sell door to door in their neighborhoods. Some sell to relatives. We have a few boys whose parents take the orders to their work. Pack 52 Scout Parents have the choice of allowing their cub scout to sell popcorn to cover their Pack related expenses or to pay the set amount of $100 to cover Pack expenses for the scouting year if they choose to opt out of selling popcorn.

Join Pack 52 NOW!!  Contact the Cubmaster for information!

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